Brick Road Poetry Press

poetry made to entertain, amuse, and edify

The mission of Brick Road Poetry Press is to publish and promote poetry that entertains, amuses, edifies, and surprises a wide audience of appreciative readers.  We are not qualified to judge who deserves to be published, so we concentrate on publishing what we enjoy. Our preference is for poetry geared toward dramatizing the human experience in language rich with sensory image and metaphor, recognizing that poetry can be, at one and the same time, both familiar as the perspiration of daily labor and as outrageous as a carnival sideshow.

General Submissions

Please read about our preferences!

We anticipate selecting only one or two manuscripts for publication. 

Manuscript Guidelines

· General submissions are accepted December 1st – January 15th annually. Although we always strive to respond quickly, we have taken as long as 7 months to get through all the general submissions we receive.

· We read all submissions “blind.” To that end, we request all submission documents omit the author's name from the cover page, the headings, and the content of the poetry.  Please omit your name from any cover letter as well. NOTE: Due to our “blind” reading, we are unable to correspond with poets during the evaluation process.

·Book-length poetry manuscripts only.

· No reading fee for general submissions.

· We strongly encourage simultaneous submissions, but please immediately change the status of your manuscript to WITHDRAWN in SUBMITTABLE, since messages will not be seen during the “blind” selection process.

· Original collection of 75 to 100 pages of poetry, excluding cover page, contents, acknowledgments, etc.

· Single sided, single spaced. We prefer no more than one poem per page. Numbered pages. Leave off the poet's name from the interior pages of the manuscript.

· Title page: please omit author's name.

· No translations, unless the translations are of your own poems.

· Electronic files are accepted via the online submission manager. Use the title of your collection for the file name. We accept .doc, .rtf, or .pdf file format.

· We prefer electronic submissions but will consider hard copy submissions by mail with the stipulation that, should the author's work be chosen for publication, an electronic version (.doc or .rtf) must be prepared in a timely manner and at the poet's expense.  Obviously if submitting a hard copy manuscript, you must include contact information, but please omit the author's name from the manuscript itself.  Mail in USPS "Flat Rate Mailing Envelope" and bound by a single clip: no folders or notebooks, please.  Our mailing address is

Brick Road Poetry Press
513 Broadway, Columbus, GA, 31901

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