Brick Road Poetry Press

poetry made to entertain, amuse, and edify

The mission of Brick Road Poetry Press is to publish and promote poetry that entertains, amuses, edifies, and surprises a wide audience of appreciative readers.  We are not qualified to judge who deserves to be published, so we concentrate on publishing what we enjoy. Our preference is for poetry geared toward dramatizing the human experience in language rich with sensory image and metaphor, recognizing that poetry can be, at one and the same time, both familiar as the perspiration of daily labor and as outrageous as a carnival sideshow.

Contest Results


Prize Winner:

Speaking Parts by Beth Ruscio


Waxing the Dents by Daniel Edward Moore

After Running Off a Cliff (But Before Looking Down) by R. Wood Lynn


Prize Winner:

Touring the Shadow Factory by Gary Stein


American Mythology by Raphael Kosek


Prize Winner:

Assisted Living by Erin Murphy


Credo by Steve McDonald

Secret Formulas & Techniques of the Masters by Jackie Craven


Thresholds by Matt Hohner

A Cage To Welcome by Shana Youngdahl

Mud Song by Terry Ann Thaxton

Cathedral of Dust by Judson Simmons

Based on a True Story by Elizabeth Gold

Trashcan Diagnosis by Cory McClell


Prize Winner:

Lauren Bacall Shares a Limousine by Susan J. Erickson


Having and Keeping by David Watts

Ambushing Water by Danielle Hanson


Prize Winner:

Battle Sleep by Shannon Tate Jonas


Mudlick by Amy Wright (published as Cracker Sonnets)

Things Seen by Joseph Stanton


Prize Winner:

Household Inventory by Connie Jordan Green


A Meal Like That by Albert Garcia

Practice by Richard M. Berlin

Honorable Mentions:

Out of the Flinty Rock by John Warner Smith

Running Counterclockwise by Alarie Tennille

The Tendency of Bodies to Remain at Rest by Bob Watts


Prize Winner:

The Alp at the End of My Street by Gary Leising


The Word in Edgewise by Sean M. Conrey

Just Drive by Robert Cooperman


Prize Winner:

Bad Behavior  by Michael Steffen


Rising to the Rim by Carol Tyx

Tracing the Lines by Susanna Lang


Prize Winner:

Damnatio Memoriae by Michael Meyerhofer


Lotus Buffet by Rupert Fike
Two-Star General  by Grey Held
Etch and Blur by Jamie Thomas
Chosen by Toni Thomas
Mud Cakes by Jason Schossler(scheduled for publication elsewhere)