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The mission of Brick Road Poetry Press is to publish and promote poetry that entertains, amuses, edifies, and surprises a wide audience of appreciative readers.  We are not qualified to judge who deserves to be published, so we concentrate on publishing what we enjoy. Our preference is for poetry geared toward dramatizing the human experience in language rich with sensory image and metaphor, recognizing that poetry can be, at one and the same time, both familiar as the perspiration of daily labor and as outrageous as a carnival sideshow.

Just Drive by Robert Cooperman


Just Drive by Robert Cooperman


Finalist, Brick Road Poetry Prize

6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on Cream paper
118 pages

Brick Road Poetry Press, Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-0989872409
ISBN-10: 0989872408
BISAC: Poetry / American / General

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“Reading, Just Drive, Robert Cooperman’s poetic saga of driving cab in NYC, seems to me a variation of a Taoist theme I used to explain my years working as a barman, ‘If you stay in one place long enough, everything that can happen, will.’ The fares Bob describes, his fellow hacks, the crazy dispatcher, will all be familiar to anyone who has worked in the service industry or who regularly enjoys good narrative poetry. Wherever it is you need to go in this ‘Divine Comedy’ of the human condition, Just Drive, takes you there. Hop in and enjoy the ride. And don’t forget the tip.” 
—Alan Catlin, award winning poet of Alien Nation