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The mission of Brick Road Poetry Press is to publish and promote poetry that entertains, amuses, edifies, and surprises a wide audience of appreciative readers.  We are not qualified to judge who deserves to be published, so we concentrate on publishing what we enjoy. Our preference is for poetry geared toward dramatizing the human experience in language rich with sensory image and metaphor, recognizing that poetry can be, at one and the same time, both familiar as the perspiration of daily labor and as outrageous as a carnival sideshow.

Poetry by David Oates from Drunken Robins

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Grand Ole Opry
from the dark, camera flashes
lightning bugs


after communion
he finds a bit of meat
between his teeth


April, 3 AM,
up with the baby again
first birdsong


holding tiny frog in her hands  
look on six-year-old’s face


mountain drive—
winding and dipping,
climbing and braking, then
oh, God, a sign


little boy’s command
hundreds of plastic soldiers—
only a few stand


purple clematis
around the mailbox
mailman eyes bumblebees



vacant lot—
in the grass,
small pecans



such break dancers!
even the pickpocket
stops to watch


bare kudzu vines swallow the tree
from under them, pale spring leaves


waiting for job interview
he buffs his shoes
on the back of his pants

the runoff


winter street
tires rip slush

an hour and a half
before gallery opening
the artist agonizes
over shoes

summer day,
reading with my six-year-old
faint smell of chlorine


my friend who was a butcher
on his hands, old white lines


new dogwood flowers,
small, green, like unripe fruit
delicately upcurved

ballet teacher coaching from the wings,
along with her sharp whispers
her own feet cross, point, cross

sycamore in winter sun
a pretty fat girl
lifts her arms

off the freeway
among gas and burger joints
bird’s call

Sunday dinner at the Nu-Wray Inn
antique music box announces meal
then tinkle of iced-tea spoons

mom at home, two kids
enjoys long chat with telemarketer—
time for a vacation


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